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The recent bushfires have caused extensive damage, including to the electricity network. In total 1,000km of powerlines were affected with 7,00 customers off supply as a result of the damage. Our priority is safely connecting customers to mains supplies as soon as possible.

Our crews have worked tirelessly to reconnect the vast majority of customers safely, but there are a small number of customers who remain off supply, as there is still limited or no access to their areas due to ongoing fire activity or other safety issues. We are also putting in place special assistance measures for those customers who have been impacted. 

We have made efforts to contact all of these customers to provide special assistance where this is possible. If you remain without power and have not been contacted by one of our customer support team please call our dedicated customer support line on 1300 561 171. 

Our thoughts are with the people and families impacted by the devastation of the Victorian fires. We know that some of our customers are still without power and we are working tirelessly to get them back on as soon as possible.

Do not approach damaged or fallen powerlines as they may be live. If you’re experiencing a power fault or emergency or see a powerline down please call our 24-hour Faults and Emergencies line on 131 799.


If you’re returning to your property in a bushfire impacted area, please take extreme care and do not approach damaged or fallen powerlines as they can cause severe injury or death. Our crews are working around the clock to restore power and replace damaged infrastructure where possible. Access to fire areas has been limited due to safety issues. Please seek the advice of police and other emergency services on whether it is safe to return to your property.


Our crews are starting to reconnect power in bushfire affected areas and we’ll be working street by street to assess the damage and commence restoration activities. Many areas are badly damaged and we still can’t access them, because they are not safe. This may mean we haven’t yet been able to restore your power.

Where possible, we’ll connect you as soon as electricity supply is restored to your area. There may have been some damage to your property. If we can’t get your power back on, we ‘ll leave a letter at your property advising of that. You’ll need to contact a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC)* before the electricity connection can be made.

If your property has been damaged/destroyed and you want to have a temporary electricity supply connected to your property, to power a caravan for example, please contact an REC to arrange this.

Once your REC has completed works on your property, they will call the retailer to arrange the connection. The REC will supply the retailer an Electrical Works Request (EWR) and a Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) for connection to be made.

If you don’t know who your retailer is please call the Customer Bushfire Support line on 1300 561 171, Monday to Sunday 8am to 8pm AEDT, and we’ll help.

If you no longer want power to your property, e.g. completely disconnected due to fire damage, please call the Customer Bushfire Support line.

*If you have trouble contacting a REC, have questions regarding installation hazards or the use of generators, please visit the National Electrical and Communications Association website at or you can call them on 03 9645 5533.   


We’ve set up a Customer Bushfire Support line for our customers affected by the bushfires across the state. Please call 1300 561 171 from 8am to 8pm Monday to Sunday AEDT. If you’re experiencing a power fault or emergency and need help now, please call our 24-hour Faults and Emergencies line on 131 799. 


For the most up to date information on outages in bushfire affected AusNet Services areas go to

Keep an eye out on AusNet Services’ Facebook page for community updates.

For general information about bushfire affected areas go to


AusNet Services are putting in place special measures to support customers impacted by the bushfire event. You do not need to do anything at this stage, we will contact you with more information. If you have experienced loss or damage as a result of the bushfires, you should first contact your insurer.

Under the Guaranteed Service Level (GSL) scheme customers who experience an extended electricity outage may be eligible for payments. More information on GSL’s can be found here. Due to the extent of the damage caused to our network by the bushfires most customers whose supply has been impacted will be eligible for a payment of up to $360 under this scheme. You do not need to do anything to receive this payment at this time. We will contact you if you are eligible to determine the quickest and easiest way in which to make this payment to impacted customers   

Each year a portion of every customer’s electricity bill is allocated to the network business in their area to fund maintenance and improvements to poles and wires. To acknowledge the impact these extended outages have had on customers AusNet Services will rebate this network charge ($118 - $130) to customers who have been without power for more than 7 consecutive days  as a result of the bushfires. Again, you do not need to do anything to receive this. We will contact eligible customers shortly.

AusNet Services has also committed to waive our standard connection fees for customers whose property has been damaged or destroyed by the bushfires when power is ready to be restored to their property. As communities start to rebuild many customers will be faced with extensive damage to their electricity meters and to electrical infrastructure on their property.

For further enquiries or assistance with making a claim, call the Customer Bushfire Support line on 1300 561 171, Monday to Sunday 8am to 8pm AEDT.