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This page is for you if you are an Installer, Solar Retailer or Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) and you want pre-approval for your customer’s solar and/or battery system that is:

  • Up to 10kW total inverter capacity per phase and 5kW (3.5kW for SWER) total export limit per phase

The maximum size for this tool is 30kW total inverter capacity and 15kW export limit across 3 phases.

Please note: we size all systems based on the total combined inverter rating(s) i.e. both solar & battery inverters, not panel ratings.

For systems greater than 30kW capacity and 15kW export, you need to apply for a manual technical assessment.

If you’re installing a system as part of a community energy group, please contact us here.

There are a few things you'll need before you use this tool:

  • What sort of installation it is, e.g. solar / battery
  • The NMI and meter number – these can usually be found on page 2 of the electricity bill for the property
  • Details of the proposed inverter(s) i.e. manufacturer and model
  • The total inverter capacity and your proposed export limit for the system