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Project Overview

[PLEASE NOTE: This proposal is subject to ongoing review and assessment, and while during this process we have strict obligations regarding probity and confidentiality, the below content can be provided]

AusNet Services and Metro Trains Melbourne submitted a proposal for an improved electricity supply for Melbourne’s rail network, connected directly to the transmission network. The direct connection points will supply a new dedicated 22 kilovolt alternating current ring main along the entire metropolitan rail network with dual feeds to direct current rail traction substations on the metropolitan rail corridor.   

The proposal will provide a more efficient and reliable power supply to meet the requirements of the existing rail network and support future growth and improve the passenger journey experience. The proposal has unique characteristics.   

The Government has approved progression to Stage Three. 

What are the benefits?

The purpose of this project is to transform the Melbourne Metropolitan Rail Network’s (MRN) electricity supply. The new electricity arrangements would deliver:


  • Reduced ongoing operating costs for the MRN
  • Reduced energy consumption (sustainability)
  • Improved network reliability and performance
  • More effective delivery of the Government’s plans for expansion of rail network capacity and service.

  • Timeline

    Approximate dates for the project program are as follows:



    STAGE 1: Submission of Market Led Proposal to State Govt 

     July 2016

    STAGE 2: Government Due Diligence Review completed

     March 2017

    STAGE 3: Government advice to proceed to Stage 3 

     April 2018

    STAGE 3B: Anticipated commencement of Stage 3B

     June 2019

    STAGE 4: AusNet Services and partners undertake update of business
                     case for Government decision - if successful, commence Stage 4

     Mid 2020

    STAGE 5: Anticipated commencement of Stage 5 - Construction (3.5 yrs est.)

     End 2021