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Welcome to The GoodGrid Program

At AusNet Services, we do everything we can to keep power flowing. For the GoodGrid program AusNet Services worked with residents, businesses, schools and local communities to manage power demand peaks together. By using less power during a few flagged peak periods over the summer, participants helped reduce the demand on the grid and were rewarded with a cash payment.

The GoodGrid ran from 1 December 2018 to 31 March 2019 – and it was a great success. Almost 1,000 households in three separate regions saved more than 10MWh of power on nine of the hottest afternoons, when demand for electricity was at its peak. As well as earning rewards for themselves, or their local schools, they helped ensure reliable power for their communities at these times.


The GoodGrid Program for the summer of 2018/2019 has now ended.

Thank you to everyone who participated.