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Energy Saving Tips

These tips will save you money and help the grid.





Keep your cool!

Comfy not cold:

Consider setting your air conditioner between 24°C & 26°C. Every degree lower can add 5–10% to the unit’s over all energy consumption.


On rotation:

Fans (ceiling and others) use minimal energy and can operate at a fraction of the running cost of split system and refrigerated air conditioners. Think about how you can reduce the number of days you use air conditioning.


Cool moon:

Keep curtains and outside window shades closed during the day to keep the heat outside. Open your curtains at night to cool your home.

Beat the heat in the kitchen!


Minimise opening and closing fridge and freezer doors. Remove all items for a meal in one go. When you’ve finished, replace them all at once. The less you open the door, the less electricity you use.


Chill out:

Set your fridge temperature to
4 – 5°C. Below this it costs more to run and fridges can frost up. Place food slightly apart on your refrigerator shelves for good air circulation, and if not needed remove heavy wrapping paper.

Take the energy out of washing!

All washed up:

Use cold water for the washing machine and save up to 80% in energy.


Flapping in the breeze:

Dry your clothes outside when you can, as solar and wind energy is free.


Dried out:

To operate your dryer efficiently, clean the lint filter    and use the auto sensing programs. Cleaning the filter on the dryer after each use maintains full air flow, maximises drying efficiency and minimises fire risk.