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GoodGrid Terms and Conditions


Participation in AusNet Services’ GoodGrid Program (Program) is conditional on you agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below and completing our online registration form on our portal (Portal).


1 Eligibility

1.1 To be eligible to participate in the Program:

(a) you must be:

(i) the occupant of the premises identified in your registration (Premises) which is within our distribution area and restricted to areas with the following postcodes:

Area Postcode
Mernda, Doreen 3754
South Morang 3752
Drouin 3818
Longwarry 3816
Bunyip 3815
Garfield 3814
Narre Warren, Narre Warren South 3805
Berwick, Harkaway 3806
Cranbourne, Botanic Ridge, Cranbourne North, Cranbourne West, Cranbourne East, Sandhurst, Devon Meadows, Cannons Creek, Junction Village, Cranbourne South 3977
Clyde North, Clyde, Cardinia 3978


(b) there must be no person who may be adversely affected by a reduction of electricity usage at the Premises (i.e. a person relying on life support equipment, infants, the elderly, disabled or sick); and

(c) there is a functioning smart-meter installed at the Premises.

1.2 You must promptly notify us if you no longer meet the criteria set out above, or if there are any changes to your contact details.

1.3 Completing our online registration and meeting the eligibility criteria in clause 1.1 does not guarantee your participation in the Program. Participants for the Program will be selected by us at our absolute discretion.


2 Term

2.1 This agreement will commence from the time you complete your online registration and will continue until the earliest of:

(a) the date you or AusNet Services agree to terminate it; and

(b) the effective date of termination under clause 2.2 or 2.3.

2.2 This agreement will automatically terminate if you cease to occupy the Premises or otherwise cease to satisfy any of the relevant eligibility criteria for the Program. You must notify us at least 5 days’ prior to moving out or otherwise ceasing to be the occupier of the Premises.

2.3 We may terminate this agreement at any time by notifying you in writing by email and/or SMS. You may also terminate this agreement or end your participation in the Program at any time by calling us on 1300 451 331.


3 Event Days and Incentives


3.1 Unless you have elected to utilise automatic event participation technology that we may offer you, we will notify you, by email and/or SMS, in advance that an Event (being a period of up to four hours on a day chosen by us as a day on which demand for electricity is likely to be high) will take place. We will notify you of:

(a) an Event at least 2 hours before the Event; and

(b) the start and end of the Event; We may elect to cancel the Event at any stage prior to the start of the Event and we will notify you, by email and/or SMS, of any cancellation.


3.3 If the electricity consumption at your Premises is reduced during an Event to a level below your normal energy use on recent similar hot days, you will qualify for an incentive payment of $15 per Event (Incentive).

3.4 We will notify you by email and/or SMS should you be eligible to receive an Incentive and/or a Prize. The Incentive will be sent to you after 31 March 2019 by post in the form of a cheque to the address provided by you during registration on our Portal.

3.5 We may vary the amount of the Incentive from time to time. If we vary the Incentive, we will notify you as soon as practicable by email and/or SMS.

Prize Draw

3.6 You will be automatically entered into a free prize draw to win a $1,000 RACV resorts voucher (Prize) issued by Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) when you register on our Portal and check the box to agree to these terms and conditions. Please note that although the prize draw is entirely conducted by us, the redemption of the voucher with RACV may be subject to further terms and conditions as may be imposed by RACV.

3.7 The closing date for the Prize draw will be 11:59pm (AEST) on 15 January 2019.

3.8 The prize draw will take place on 16 January 2019 before 11:59pm (AEST) in Victoria, Australia. The winner will be selected at random from all entries received and will be notified by email and/or SMS on the results of the draw. If the winner does not provide a response to the email and/or SMS within 14 days of being notified by us, then the winner’s Prize will be forfeited and another winner will be selected in accordance with the same prize draw process at a re-draw, which will take place on a date after reasonable attempts have been made to contact the winner. The Prize will be sent to the winner by post to the address provided during registration on the Portal within 28 days of the prize draw (or re-draw).

3.9 The name of the winner will be published on our Portal for a period of at least 28 days after the winner is identified. By registering on the Portal, the winner consents to us using the winner’s name as part of the Prize winner announcement and for publicity purposes (in any medium and on the internet, including any website hosted by us or RACV) and in advertising, marketing or promotional material without additional compensation or prior notice.

3.10 We accept no responsibility for any costs associated with the Prize and not specifically included in the Prize (including, without limitation, travel to and from the resort).

3.11 The Prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferrable and is not redeemable for cash or other prizes.

3.12 We do not take any responsibility for any delay in providing the Prize or any lost vouchers for the Prize. No replacement vouchers will be issued.

3.13 We may substitute the Prize for another prize of the same or greater value than the Prize only if:

(a) the winner agrees to the substitute prize in writing; or

(b) due to reasons outside of our control (including, without limitation, that the Prize is no longer provided by RACV for any reason) and reasonable attempts to reach an agreement with the winner are unsuccessful.

3.14 We accept no responsibility for any technical glitches, problems or issues otherwise, including any network failures that prevent you from being able to complete or submit an entry for the prize draw.

3.15 We reserve the right to reject your prize draw entry entries if it is late, lost, incorrectly submitted, delayed, illegible, tempered with, corrupted or misdirected for any reason whether due to error, omission, alteration, tampering, deletion, theft, fraud, misleading or deceptive conduct, destruction, transmission interruption, technical glitches, communication or network failures or otherwise.

3.16 We may, at our sole discretion, reject your prize draw entry if:

(a) we do not believe it is in accordance with this agreement;

(b) you fail to provide or verify your personal details or compliance with the eligibility criteria as set out in clause 1 above; or

(c) you act in an aggressive, abusive, harassing or disruptive manner with another entrant.

3.17 We accept no responsibility for any tax implications that may arise from the Prize or Incentive.

3.18 Where the provision of an Incentive or Prize results in, for GST purposes, supplies being made for non-monetary consideration, entrants agree to stated view of the Australian Taxation Office by which where the parties are at arm’s length, goods and services exchanged are of equal GST inclusive market values.

3.19 In the event of any dispute the conduct, results and any other matters relating to this prize draw, our decision shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.

In-home Hardware

3.20 To help you participate in Events, we may from time to time offer to install at your Premises certain in-home hardware such as:

(a) an automation device that connects to your air-conditioning system that automatically adjusts the electrical consumption of your air-conditioner during an Event; or

(b) measurement equipment installed in your switchboard that allows to view near real-time data relating to your electricity usage in the offered internet-based data portal.

3.21 If you elect to take up an offer to install in-home hardware, you agree to grant our authorised representative convenient and unhindered access to your Premises at reasonable times and upon reasonable notice for the purpose of installing, inspecting, maintaining and removing the hardware.

3.22 If, upon inspection by our authorised representative, your property is deemed unsuitable for installation of the in-home hardware, we will not install the in-home hardware, but you may still participate in the Program.

3.23 As a part of the offer to install in-home hardware, we may require that you agree to the additional terms and conditions relating to this offering.


4 Scope of this agreement

4.1 You acknowledge that you are not obliged to participate in the Program and that you can terminate this agreement at any time in accordance with clause 2.3.

4.2 This is not a retail electricity agreement and does not cover the supply of electricity to the Premises.

4.3 This is not a distribution agreement and does not cover distribution services, or any work carried out by us to connect the Premises to our distribution network or to increase the capacity of a supply point. If there is any inconsistency between a provision of this agreement and your distribution agreement, this agreement will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

4.4 You will not be required to pay us anything for participating in the Program.

4.5 To the extent permitted at law, we expressly disclaim any representations or warranties in relation to the Program. You participate in the Program at your own risk and we will not be liable to you for any loss or damage, including without limitation indirect, special or consequential loss, personal injury and property loss, arising under or in connection with this agreement or your participation in the Program (including in relation to any steps you take to minimise your use of electricity during an Event). In this regard, please take care to not switch off critical appliances or do anything else during an Event that may cause you to suffer any loss or damage. Specifically, you should not turn off refrigeration that contains perishables, any devices required for the health of occupants or visitors and should not turn off power to your Premises at the switchboard.

4.6 You acknowledge and agree that there is no person who may be adversely affected by a reduction of electricity usage at the Premises (i.e. a person relying on life support equipment, infants, the elderly, disabled or sick).


5 Notifications and privacy

5.1 You consent to receiving Event notices and other communications from us about the Program by email, SMS or any other communication method we use. In order to ensure your participation in any Event, you should ensure that you can receive such communications from us (for example, your mobile phone must be switched on and within a mobile coverage area for your carrier).

5.2 You agree to allow us to collect, use and disclose your personal information including information about your household and electricity usage, for the following purposes:

(a) conducting the Program, to assess whether you are eligible for an Incentive or Prize, and to manage all administration in relation to the process or payment of the Incentive or Prize;

(b) research and analysis purposes;

(c) providing aggregated and de-identified data to third parties or government agencies for purposes of conducting and receiving feedback about the Program;

(d) other purposes associated with the operation and management of our electricity distribution network; and

(e) for us to contact you via the Portal, relevant applications, mail, email, sms text message and/or other mediums from time to time for administrative purposes and marketing of our products and services as may be offered by us from time to time and providing information about their availability, features and benefits, including products or services which we offer in response to a government policy or regulatory initiative

5.3 Our privacy policy includes more details about how we manage personal information including how you can access and correct information we hold about you and our complaint management procedures.

5.4 You acknowledge that you have read our privacy policy at


6 General

6.1 You may register to access any internet-based data portal that we make available to monitor your electricity usage throughout the Program. We will provide you details of this data portal if you participate in the Program.

6.2 These terms and conditions are governed by the law of Victoria, Australia.

6.3 We reserve the right to change this agreement and will notify you of any material changes via email at the email address that you provide or via SMS on the mobile phone number you provide.