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Strategy and Values

We move energy

AusNet Services operates in a dynamic environment, characterised by regulatory changes, technology advancements and shifting customer behaviours and values relating to their energy usage.

Purpose and Strategy

AusNet Services' purpose is To empower communities and their energy future.” 

To do that well, we aspire each and every day to being a "leading modern energy company with a diverse business portfolio."

Our strategy for success remains centred on delivering value from the core regulated energy network business and pursuing growth opportunities in commercial services markets. At the highest level, our FY2017-2021 five-year strategy and business plan (known as Focus 2021) for delivering value is to leverage our core capabilities in networks, assets, high-value services and innovation to build a portfolio of high performing and sustainable regulated and commercial services businesses.

Specifically, we will:

  • lead network transformation in our regulated business;
  • grow commercial services;
  • drive efficiency and effectiveness; and
  • generate trust and respect with customers and partners to build our reputation

As you can see, customers are at the forefront of why we move energy, and we take our relationships with customers very seriously - whether they be individual customers or communities.

Corporate Values

In 2015 our corporate values were refreshed to reflect the evolution of our business and the environment we operate in.  

The four compelling statements below are our corporate values - the foundation for how we achieve our objectives. They express the beliefs and principles we agree to share at AusNet Services.


We work safely: We never compromise on safety and we genuinely care for the wellbeing of people.

We do what's right: We act with integrity and in the best interests of our company, taking into account how our decisions affect the business and stakeholders. We recognise and celebrate successes, welcome straight-talk and constructive feedback, and learn from our mistakes. We have clear and consistently applied expectations of performance and behaviours across our business.

We're one team: We work together as a united team with our partners and suppliers to achieve great results and build our company's reputation. People are the heart and soul of our business - we treat our people fairly, value their differences and support their development. We encourage knowledge sharing - we're open to ideas and believe that these can come from anywhere in the business.

We deliver: We are accountable to customers, communities, shareholders and each other, and we deliver on our promises. We are passionately invested in striving for excellence and high standards, and achieving great outcomes. We keep adapting through innovation, continuous improvement and change so as to secure our future success.

Sustainable growth

AusNet Services understands that an energy delivery service business is one that delivers today, while anticipating and planning for the future operating environment and the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.

Anticipating our customers' needs while delivering strong results for shareholders provides AusNet Services with a sustainable growth business model centred on:

  1. delivering value from the core regulated energy network business; and
  2. pursuing growth opportunities in commercial services markets.