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Who We Are

For almost 100 years, AusNet Services has been moving energy into homes and businesses across Victoria 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As Victoria's largest energy delivery service business, we own and operate approximately $11 billion of electricity and gas network assets that connect more than 1.4 million customers. And that’s why we’re serious about delivering safe, efficient and reliable energy around the clock.

Based in Melbourne, AusNet Services employs almost 1,900 people in regional and metropolitan Victoria to make sure that our 720,000 electricity and 690,000 gas customers enjoy the benefits of power, light, cooling, heating and entertainment every day at the cheapest price possible.

We see the services we provide as a community responsibility,
and we are proud of what we do.


Transmission towers

Electricity Transmission

We own and operate Victoria’s entire electricity transmission network, responsible for transporting electricity from where it is generated into Victoria’s five lower-voltage distribution networks. We do this via 55 terminal stations, 13,000 transmission towers and 6,600 kilometres of high-voltage transmission powerlines.



Electricity Distribution

We own and operate an electricity distribution network feeding lower-voltage electricity to more than 720,000 customers in Melbourne's north, east and across all of eastern Victoria. We do this via more than 52,000 kilometres of powerlines and 400,000 powerpoles.


AusNet Services Gas Distribution pic

Gas Distribution

We own and operate a gas distribution network supplying natural gas to more than 690,000 residential and business customers in central and western Victoria. We do this via 11,400 kilometres of underground gas pipelines.


This map gives an overview of the AusNet Services network footprint across Victoria.



We are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), under code AST. 


AusNet Services is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and the Singapore Exchange.


AusNet Services is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and the Singapore Exchange.