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Welcome to Peak Partners


Peak Partners is a program for you and your local community. It’s a way to make power supplies cheaper and more reliable, by using a bit less power during peak periods, in return for a cash payment.


About electricity peaks 
The times when the electricity network is operating near full capacity are called peak events. These are infrequent periods, only occurring only five to ten times a year, for a few hours each. If everyone used a bit less power during peaks, network costs would be lower, and so would customers’ bills.   


What do Peak Partners have to do?
Not very much. During peak events, AusNet Services will pay each Peak Partner to reduce their electricity use for a short time. This is just a matter of managing the way that electrical appliances are used, or even planning a trip to the shops or movies to coincide with a peak event. 

Peak Partners are not obliged to reduce power use during peak events. But we’ll reward you if you do. 


How much will Peak Partners receive? 
Electricity is billed in units called kilowatt hours (kWh). For every kWh of electricity saved during peak events, you receive $5.  This is likely to be more than 15 times what you are currently paying for electricity.


How to join
To be a Peak Partner, simply register for the program.  We’ll give you access to an app that allows to you to monitor your energy use.
If you wish, you can also choose from these hi-tech options. 
(1)   A real time energy monitoring system, so you’ll know exactly how much electricity you are using at any given time.


(2)   An automatic control device for your air conditioner. (This requires a newer model, usually called an ‘Inverter’ or ‘DRED compatible’ air conditioner). 
  We can help you decide if either of these options is right for you. 


How are Peak Partners paid? 
The amount you earn from each peak event will add up over the summer. At the end of summer, we’ll send you the full amount.


How will you know when a peak event occurs? 
This is easy. You’ll be notified by SMS the day before an expected peak event. (These typically occur on hot afternoons and evenings on weekdays).  You’ll also be notified by SMS at the start and end of each event.


How to reduce electricity use during peak events?
As a Peak Partner, we’ll teach you about appliance running costs, power bills and more. So you’ll be better placed to make decisions that could save money.


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