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Job Status

Last modified: 19 November 2016

To assist you in tracking the progress of your service order, please input your retailer service order number. Your service order number can be obtained from your Electricity Retailer – if you do not have this number please contact your Electricity Retailer.

Who we are

Last modified: 19 November 2016

This is where you get a general overview of AusNet Services - who we are and what we do.


Last modified: 19 November 2016

Information on AusNet Services' range of reports and regulatory publications.

Strategy and Values

Last modified: 19 November 2016

AusNet Services' purpose is “To empower communities and their energy future.” Our purpose and strategy places customers at the forefront of why we move energy and acknowledges the relationship between individual customers and communities. Focus 2021 is our five year business plan which sets out how we will deliver on our aspiration to be a "leading modern energy company with a diverse business portfolio."
Our Corporate Values are the foundation for how we achieve our objectives. They express the beliefs and principles we agree to share at AusNet Services.



Last modified: 19 November 2016

AusNet Services’ commitment to health and safety, environment, quality and asset management responsibilities, obligations, and the principles of sustainable development are detailed in our Management System's. The Health and Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Management System is a framework under which our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy and supporting processes are implemented, certified to the appropriate Australian and international standards and continues to demonstrate compliance:


Charges and revenues

Last modified: 19 November 2016

AusNet Services revenue from the regulated electricity and gas networks is determined by an independent body, the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). We do not determine how much we can earn for delivering electricity or gas. Approximately once every five years, AusNet Services submits separate revenue proposals to the AER for its electricity transmission, electricity distribution, and gas distribution network businesses.


Corporate Governance

Last modified: 19 November 2016

The Board Charter outlines our commitment to continually review and update our corporate governance policies and practices in accordance with current best practice. Our Corporate Governance Statement is published in the Annual Report. References within this statement to 'the Directors' Report' relate to the report of that name, also within the Annual Report.

Codes and Guidelines

Last modified: 19 November 2016

Due to the complex nature of our service and responsibilities to our customers, there are a number of industry codes and guidelines that we must comply with. This page summarises our primary codes and guidelines.


News Room

Last modified: 19 November 2016

Keep up to date with news from AusNet Services. Our media releases give information about how we're working to better serve our customers and support our communities. You can view the media releases by year - just select a year in the drop-down box. Or you can type key words into our search box to find a specific release.

Media Releases


Last modified: 19 November 2016

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